Description: There is a large variety of businesses located within the city of Rome. With the city split up into 37 neighborhoods. Each one has dozens of different shops, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. I was tasked to research the neighborhood of Testaccio. From there, I was to create a business that is either missing or lacking within the area. From there, I was to develop its brand identity system.

The problem: Within the history of Testaccio, one of the interesting aspects of the area is that it's the birthplace of the Rome football team — A.S. Roma. However, the team no longer practices there, and a lot of that history is gone. What's left is a couple of murals, and the old football field that's no longer used and nature has overgrown. It's lost a lot of the support and love that use to be all over the neighborhood.

The solution: Designing a museum that's dedicated to the history of the A.S. Roma football team, and it's history. Showcasing the start of the team and how it grew to be one of the best teams in Italy. Along with playing old games showcasing their most significant moments. Which can help bring back the spirit of the football team into its original home. The she-wolf within roman history inspired the mark of the logo. Not only is it iconic within their culture, but the statue is used within the logo of the A.S Roma team. I wanted to modernize the mark, as well as create the shape of a soccer-ball and capture the movement in which it's kicked.

Role: Graphic designer

Client: ISU Rome Study Abroad Program

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign

Project type: Brand identity, print design, typography

Award: Creativity International Award Silver Winner-branding/campaign