Piazza Della Repubblica

Description: Within the city of Rome, there are tons of streets and piazzas. My role was to choose one of those options and experience or examine it. The project was to create a four-panel poster, with each section being different. These panels consisted of just typography, just imagery, mostly imagery with type, and primarily type with imagery.  I decided to do this over Piazza Della Repubblica. I went and visited the piazza serval times, taking photographs and writing down the sounds and feelings I had when I was visiting. After visiting several times, I started researching on the piazza. Learning its history, primarily about the fountain in the center, and the church Santa Maria Degli Angeli created by Michaelangelo that's located behind it. I then created the four-panel poster with the experiences, photographs, sounds, and history I collected. Incorporating the feelings and sounds I heard and experienced while visiting the site.

Role: Graphic designer

Client: ISU Rome Study Abroad Program

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Project type: Print design, typography

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