Description: At Iowa State University, the university has been running for decades. When a department has been active for an extended period of time, it's a huge deal. The Department of Mechanical Engineering celebrates its 150th anniversary, and Industrial Engineering celebrates its 100th anniversary. Both departments wanted to celebrate this success by having a history book covering the major events over the years.

The problem: Designing infographics for both books that presents a lot of information. Both departments had a lot of information they wanted to give in a visual way. However, there was a lot of text and data needed to fit in these graphics with a page limit.

The solution: Using typography, I had to strategically work with the text to fit into the graphics created. Knowing the page limit, I went through the text, took out any repeating text, and calculated each infographic size to fit in the select number of pages. I had created a branding system of how the infographics will look in each book. The branding system used the Iowa State color palette to showcase it being apart of Iowa State's history.

Role: Graphic designer

Client: ISU College of Engineering — Department of Mechanical
and Industrial Engineering

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign

Project type: Editorial design, print design, typography

Co-Designers: Bill Beach &
Nick Fetty