Description: Within the College of Engineering, having information about what's going on within the college is essential. Students need to have easy access to resources to provide them information about specific classes, organizations, events, and college news.

The problem: Creating visual print work that showcase a specific topic of information available to students. The brochures need to have the necessary information to give the students the best amount of context. The goal is to have the brochures visually attractive for students to notice and pick up at available public rooms within the buildings.

The solution: Figuring out the imagery, graphics, and text amount included in each print piece was critical. After receiving the imagery, I would sketch out the layouts to see what would look best within the space. Once that was done, getting the text and imagery to work together in a fluid, balanced method was a matter of getting the type and imagery. Making both the type and imagery work together was essential to make sure it was visually balanced and visually attractive. Knowing these had to be printed, I made sure there was a bleed on each of my documents. Making sure that there wasn't anything essential that would cut off the edge of the document.

Role: Graphic designer

Client: Iowa State University College of Engineering

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Indesign

Project type: Print design, typography


Poster Designs


Co-Designers: Bill Beach & Brittany Veto