Artificial Intelligence

Description: Within the world of print, there are several different techniques. Listing just a few include; offset litho printing, digital printing, & screen printing. I received a random category and was tasked to find a topic within that category and design a zine based on that topic, using two different forms of printing techniques. One of these forms had to be digital printing; the other method was up to me. The medium of my choice, I chose to use UV blacklight ink.

I received a technology as my category, so I chose my topic to be artificial intelligence. The idea behind it was a technique I developed using UV blacklight ink. This UV ink technique has been used in the art world. However, I took those techniques and developed my own form to use it in my graphic design work.

Role: Graphic designer

Client: ISU studio project

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator

Project type: Print design, UV blacklight ink